Lock Move in direction of axis

Rotate Command is easily locked to a plane, red, green or blue using arrows.
The Move Command doesn’t seem to respond in the same way.
Help would be much appreciated.

Yes. It does. Start to move the selection and hit the cursor key of choice.

Move selection in desired direction to see the proper axis color shown by a thick dashes line. Press and hold down [Shift] to lock to that axis.
Or use one of the [Arrow] keys to lock to one of the three axes.
Left for green, Up for blue and Right for red.

p.s. why am I typing if Dave is awake?


Thank you very much.
It works perfectly…

so true, Dave is a living legend

The old way also works…
Start moving along and desired axis and the rubber-band inference is say red, hold the Shift key and the move is locked to the red axis [or green or blue axes].
This Shift locking also works with any magenta parallel and perpendicular inferences,

And on plane of “On Face” inference and on extended edge direction of “On Edge” inference

Was arrow keys for locking to axes added later than Shift?

Yes. The cursor key thing is a relative new feature.

Dave is always awake… Always.


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