Rectangles Not Have Square Corners

Today I’m having trouble making rectangles with square corners.

I’ve attached the corresponding SKP file. I’ve also attached 3 animated GIFs of around 30 seconds each. They represent each step I took starting from a blank screen and finishing with the skewed rectangle. I’m hoping you can tell me at which step the error crept in and how to avoid the error again.

I suspect it may have something to do with being unable to make my large box exactly square. If you can tell me how I could have finished off with the large box sides parallel with the screen perimeter, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

Improper Rectangles.skp (187.1 KB)
Last Third
Second third
First third

The guides you are trying to use to create the rectangle are not in the same plane.

More attention is needed and, of course, learning the basics of SketchUp at

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Like @DaveR I’m confused. Which corners do you think are not square? They all check out at 90 degrees for me. I do confirm that the guides are not in the same plane, as @mihai.s pointed out. Depending on how you are trying to measure the angles, that could mess things up.

Why not square?
An extruded face with the ‘Push/Pull’ tool always has rectangular side faces and thus also parallel side edges between adjacent segment faces. Not even worth checking.

I think you are mixing up the squareness of geometry with the visual trickery of viewing a 3d object on a 2d graphic interface.
Sketchup gives you a virtually unlimited 3d space to work in and it uses a perspective camera view to help make it look more true to life, which means things have vanishing points just like the real world.
A rectangle needs to be square on to the camera to be aligned with the edge of the screen. If you orbit around it changes. But that doesn’t change the physical geometry. Parallel Projection will make things look even more square, but is not designed to be used while modelling, it is generally there for producing 2d output. Although many people do successfully model using PP.

Here is an example gif showing how I align your 3d view to one specific face, then switch to Parallel Projection to flatten it further.

GIF 22-11-2023 9-10-03 AM

If you are by any chance talking about the blue bounding box not being the same as the “world” axis, that is because you rotated the groups after creating them…
You can correct them by exploding and immediatly create them again while the geometry inside is still selected…

Hello Steve,

I was referring to the angles that you can see in the third GIF. It’s attached to this email.


Not a rectangle.png

Try using inference arrows. For example, start your rectangle and then press the down arrow.

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Thank you very much. My problem has been solved with the extra bonus of understanding “Align View”.



That Align View solution presented a new problem. Some of the guidelines are hidden. How do I solve that problem?

Guidelines not work

Here’s the Guidelines not work SKP file.
Guidelines not work.skp (188.2 KB)

You need to position your guides correctly.
GIF 22-11-2023 12-15-06 PM