Recovered .skp file after windows rebuild not readable

Hi folks,
I’m Henryk from Germany and need your help.

My computer chrashed his bios, and unfurtunately I installed a new windows on my computer.
After installation I used a recovery software to recover my sketchup files. I found them and recovered them successfully. Then I installed Sketchup Make 2017 and tried to open my old files.
Sketchup says, that these files are no sketchup models. BTW: The Files are created with Sketchup Make.
One file is a workbench and it’s absolutly mandatory to get this file back.
Can you please help me? Is it possible to use my files?
best regards


The recovery software may have damaged the .skp files. You could upload the workbench file so we can take a look at it and see if there’s something that can be done.

Hi Dave, I’ll try.Werkbank.skp (6.9 MB)

I spend weeks to create my workbench. I’ts not a super special bench, but my very first projekt I made with sketchup


Have you looked to see if there are any .skb files on the hard drive? Might be you could open them?

From what I can see, it appears the recovery software damaged the SketchUp file. You can see this even if you open the file with Notepad. Although most of the file won’t be readable, the very beginning makes it clear.

Your file:

no, I didn’t. I only searched for them and did the rest with the tool. I could bite my self in the ass. Spend a lot of money for…nothing.

Hi dave. thanks for the help

It seems to me, that i lost it?
■■■■. So I have to start again.

best regards


Well, on the bright side, you’ll probably be able to model it faster this time and you may find there are things you want to do better or differently. Is this for your workbench in your home shop?

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yapp. My wife allowed me to build a bench. In our “office” :wink:
I got a picture of it i printed before the computer crashed. do u want to see it?


Nice of your wife to allow it. :wink:

she’s my eyeball. sice 14 years. my fist one. now I’m married and got a 3 year boy.

here the bench. U have to turn it.
workbench.pdf (1.7 MB)

Better keep her happy then.

Looks like a good serviceable bench. Should be pretty straightforward to model again. And you can measure off the real one to get all the details right.

The main problem is, when you install windows new and you have the skp.files on the same hdd - then they are not recoverable because the installation has overwritten some of the old entries in the directory. To revocer delete files its important not do change anything on the disks.