Recover SKB corrupted files after HD crash and later simple format

Hello all,

Recently my pc crashed suddenly while I was rendering a project on Sketchup.
I could restore the data of the HD after a technician formatting simple. The data is still there and the files have the original size. But I cant open neither PDF, DWG, XLS, or any SKB files. All the files appears but I cant open it on any program. Something curious is all SKP files are missing. Only SKB files appeared. What can I do guys?

As for the SKB files, try renaing one to SKP. Can you open it then?

yes, that was the first thing I did after getting the files from the technician.

Do you actually have SketchUp installed on your computer after getting it back from the technician?

Yes, I also tried to upload one of the models to the 3d warehouse but says the file is not valid.

I am uploading one of the files to mega and then put the link here for any help.

It just might be that the HD crash corrupted the files. It sounds like you have the same problem with other file types, too. You should talk to the technician who worked on your HD and see if he has any suggestions. It might be that after formatting the drive, the files are unrecoverable.

Yes, I am afraid that that was what happened. Still if anybody can help this is the link. (I lost almost 3 gb of work). I should have used dropbox more, but was annoying the constant uploading of 3d large models. I learn the lesson, from now I am redrawing all again and saving on dropbox or 3d warehouse.!U8hihTbT!KS-_LAs_ykdNtfmZjSG6rSrixkWI8Hy7UrYiGeaKRIs

What is the link to? If it’s a SketchUp SKP file, why not just upload it here?

Just looked, but not downloaded - it’s about 21MB - too big to upload here.

Why don’t you start with a much smaller file?

Here is a 300kb file, I changed the extension form SKB to SKPCASA DAVID SANDOVAL.skp (315.1 KB)

Same problem with that file. There isn’t any other program that will open SKP files so you may be out of luck.

well, the problem was general to all files. So I am looking on the web and windows help to learn how to repair files. Thanks guys for you attention.

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