Recording screen while moving around a model?

Hi all,

I have a team project coming up for my engineering maters end of the month where we will be talking about the issue of dwellings overheating. I have modelled some solutions for example a Brise Sollleil thermochromatic solar shading. In the presentation i think it will be cool to run a video of the model being moved around looking at key areas of the proposed solution. Is there a way i can do this?

Do you mean flying around the model? Or moving pieces of the model around? Both are possible.

Good point, i guess both options would be good? if it was a screen recording both could be done?

Is there easy options to record flying around the model only?

Yes. Scenes and export animation.

Hi all, I have exported the scenes and the quality is pants.

Is there a student license rendering package that will be quick and easy for me to export it to churn out a decent animation?

The quality should be good. Can you show an example export?

Enscape has affordable student licenses and it’s easy to use and learn.