Recessed cap head screws

Hi everyone,

I am trying to recess some cap head screws into a curved surface but I have no idea how to push this in starting on a curved surface

On the face shown in the image I need to enlarge the hole to 10mm from 6mm and make a flat bottom inside the shape. I hope that makes sense.

So you just need a 10mm diameter counterbore for the head of the cap screw? are the parts in your model solid components/groups? If so, draw a 10mm dia. cylinder and make it a solid component or group. Position it in the part to the depth of the counterbore and use Subtract from the native Solid Tools or better from Eneroth Solid Tools to make the counterbore. Think of the cylinder as a drill.

That was spot on, thank you very much I didn’t know solid tools existed.

Try View Menu → Tool Palettes.

Explore all the Tools that don’t show at startup. The ones that show are indicated by a check mark. You can customize the Tools Palettes and they will show up the next time you start SketchUp.