Reappearing 2020 sketchup installation dialog box

Everytime i try to save my file this message pops up although i don’t use 2020 version still this shows up. Is there any way i can remove it.

I would try this:

  • locate the installer file of the SketchUp version that you are using
  • right-click on that and select “Run as administrator” from the context menu
  • select “repair” from the installation dialog that pops up.
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it did not help…sir is there any other alternative?

Did you run as admin on the installer or SketchUp itself?
If you don’t have the installer anymore, maybe reinstall SketchUp and try again.

I’ve moved your post to Technical Problems.

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Try this:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Uninstall SketchUp 2020 by normal Windows procedure (Go to Windows setting>App & Features and locate and uninstall SketchUp 2020). (Normally this will keep your user settings if you decide to reinstall it later.)
  3. Restart your computer.
    (You may need to repeat procedure what Anssi suggested)
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What is the latest version you have installed? Your screenshot says '18, your profile says '16 and the dialogue box says '20.

@dezmo I don’t think the OP has version 20 installed. From what I’ve understood, @yash1 is trying to remove the dialogue box, not remove SketchUp 2020.

currently i am using 2018 but the dialog box shows 2020 ( ignore 2016 in my profile i am not being able to update my profile)

OK thanks.

@Yash1 how long ago did you install '18?

Do you still have the sketchup installer?

Did you try what @Anssi suggested?

A week ago i installed it.
i don’t have the installer now…so what i did was i followed just the first two steps of what @Anssi suggested.

What Anssi suggested won’t work without the installer.
Is the installer in Recycling Bin on your desktop? If so, restore it.

Yes it is…i’ll try that.

Right click the installer, run as administrator, repair.

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I tried doing this as well as reinstalled it again but still same message is popping up. Please help.

You just installed it a week ago? You had to have had the installer then. Where did it go?

Yes i have it i followed the process of what @Anssi suggested but it is not helping same problem is occuring again.

You wrote that you didn’t.

Did you try what @dezmo suggested?

Where did you download the 2018 installer from?

I followed @dezmo method now it is working fine. thank you everyone.

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