Real-time exploded view for SketchUp

Dear All.
Hello friends.
Here is the video description feature: Exploded view
made by us.
We use C ++ and Swig to build the .so library
Connecting to ruby makes the response speed very fast


Very very nice!

Is this a library for other developers or an extension you will be releasing ?


What did you use C++ for?

This extension I have released
It’s free, it has English


Can you provide a link, perhaps?

free download and using


It might be worth to invest in an English Website, as well! Many manufacturers I know have the same needs as you do…

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I would recommend adding it to the Extension Warehouse.

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Moved to the Extensions category as this thread has not much discussion about development.
(It also seems to have been intended as an extension announcement anyway.)

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Does the plugin only work with groups? Do you use dynamic groups?

I do not know how to post to Extension Warehouse.

Because of some uncontrollable technical issues, the plugin currently works only on Solid Group

It has some issues that would fail inspection for the EW.
The version of the SketchupExtension object needs to be a real version number like, “1.1.0” etc.
There is a bit of code running outside of your company namespace module (may not matter.)
The RubyZip gem is not repackaged inside a company namespace module.
Normally companies/authors put each extension inside it’s own submodule with their namespace module.
What if you wish to publish more extensions ?

Backstory: Developer Guideline page(s) were missing for 1.5 years.

UPDATED (2020-10-11) - Guidelines are back online !


Do you plan to solve the technical issues and make the plugin work on components?