SketchUp 2021.0 Developer Resources

A few updated Developer Resources related to SketchUp 2021.0:


  • Updated with support for 2021.0
  • Updated versions compatible with rubocop up to 0.93.

SketchUp Ruby API stubs

  • Includes 2021.0 features.

SketchUp Ruby API Debugger

  • New release supporting Ruby 2.7.

SketchUp Ruby C Extension example

  • Headers and libs supporting Ruby 2.7.

Thanks Thom! Our dev team makes use of these resources. It’s good to see them getting updated

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I assume you at least use the Ruby C Extension project for building Ruby C extensions.

I’m curious to which of the other resources your team uses and how frequently? (Just trying to gauge how well advertised and adopted they are.)

At least one our devs is using RuboCop and I think he is also using the api stubs, something that I really need to also start using.

We use RubyMine for debugging based on the implementation instructions you provided a long time ago. It’s still working for us.

I don’t think these resources are advertised well enough. Some of them we only know about because of our attendance at the Palm Springs Dev Camp. Thanks for your efforts in providing these resources.

FYI - I also use TestUp regularly which I love as well as SpeedUp, both are awesome

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I agree. While they are linked in the Ruby doc front page, there is a lot of info there. I’ve been thinking that perhaps we should break up all that text with some eye-catching screenshots.

I’m glad you’re using SpeedUp. (And I’m reminded that I need to do an update for SU2021)

Just found this topic today.
Tried TestUp2.
I’m waiting for the SpeedUp update to try it.

Ran into some snags with the upgrade. Working with the upstream ruby-prof maintainer.

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