Real Doors & Windows

Hello, All.
I’m sure there is an answer, but I spend too much time messing around with doors and windows on my projects.

I like to use actual products in my models as much as possible. I have been using dynamic Pella Window & Doors from the SU Warehouse, which works great.

I like the TruStile Dools in the SU warehouse.

I have InstaDoor, FlexTools, and a couple more plug-ins for doors and windows, but I wish they were easier and more intuitive.

Are there any interior door companies with the complete dynamic door package with the frame, casing, and hardware, or is there a way to drop one of TruStile door slabs into a dynamic door component, or do I have to create my own dynamic doors? I never did get into creating dynamic components.

I started using SU about ten years ago but have just started to make a living with it over the last year or so. It seems like having real doors to use in our models would be a given at this point, so I’m sure I am just missing something.

Have you tried medeek’s stuff?

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Have downloaded products from Marvin Windows and Doors. They have SU Models you can download from their website and they are dynamic components.

I’m really looking for interior doors. There are a few great exterior door and window options already.

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Flextools have thousands of combinations. You can do in a few seconds whichever doors and windows you want.

For dynamic components, I’ve use a lot of Marvin ones because I use their windows so much. I’ve used FlexTools, but their default windows are a bit odd in dimensions for us imperial USA users. One thing I’ve done for that is take one window and tinker with the dimensions till it’s more like what I’m used to and save it out to a local collection. Don’t use the window tool after that from their palette, but rather drag in the customized one from the local collection.

Besides dynamic components, I’ve made my own abstracted units with basic SU geometry. To make other size units, I use Stretch by Area, but I think Fredo Scale can do similar things. I’ve used both my own components and Marvin ones in conjunction with FlexTools cutter. A key feature is to “Exclude” the casing and trim from the cutting action. I find with Marvin DC’s and my own stuff + Stretch by Area, I have to manually “refresh” the cut in FlexTools for it to get the changes made.

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