3DW Pella Dynamic Window/Door Components Not Interactive

When Pella dynamic components are imported (or loaded directly) into SU, they are not interactive as advertised. I have tried several, the behavior is the same. When the interact tool is used a dialog box appears, “Please open component options”, but no interactivity. (see GIF below)

Attached is the Pella file.

Pella Architect Series Contemporary Hinged Door In-Swing Double FA-AF.skp (1.8 MB)

When I do the same with Marvin components they behave as expected.

In the 3DW the Pella component has the “dynamic” symbol.

I must be missing something simple, but I am “clueless”.

Any help appreciated.

Well, ok, thought it was something simple, and it was.

Just because a Pella Door/Window is dynamic, does not mean it will open/close using the interact tool. Dynamic in this case means one can adjust the sizing of the door.

Different vendors add additional behaviors into their dynamic components, such as Marvin.

I was simply reading into a vendor’s offering what I expected, my bad :slightly_frowning_face:

Right. And in my opinion the Pella dynamic components are the more useful … because they deliver properly modeled windows for the sizes they offer. Makes it quick and easy to put “real” windows into a model for a client.

This is significantly more useful than being able to show a client that windows in the model of his/her house open/close. Although … I must admit … occasionally I have delivered models with operable doors. In tight areas operable doors can help a client “see” how a small space functions … bathrooms, pantries, laundry rooms, hallways etc.

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Flex Tools doors open and close on with the interact tool, but they are generic, not specific to any manufacturer.

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You are absolutely correct! Accurate models in size, shape and appearance are critical in the designer/client interactions.

And to give Pella credit, their dynamic doors/windows have the ability in component options, to show the assembly in the open/close static position.

Although, Marvin’s dynamic behavior allows for moving in and out of the model (through the door/window) somewhat easier, as you point out.