Re can I extrude a spline(2d line) into a surface?

Hi all is ti possable to extrude(pull) a simple line shape into a surface in Sketchup? I can of course in other 3d apps.

Thanks in advance Dan Martin

Yes. But give us an example of what you are having a problem with.

That’s a bit of an oxymoron isn’t it?

Not necessarily. Think of a wavy line extruded into (admittedly zero thickness) corrugated iron sheet.

You could get close with a small offset to a curve, joined at the ends with cross-lines to make a thin face, and then use the FollowMe tool to extrude the face along a path. Then if required, delete one face and the two thin edge faces.

See below most 3d apps can extrude a spline or an edge it’s great for creating things line say a corrigated roof etc. It helps to keep youy meshes clean and simple.

Da Martin

Simple, extrude by vector.


OK, My EdgeFollowMe in Aug 2011.

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SketchUp does not have a specific tool to extrude edges into surfaces. I think Box is using some extension, and sdmitch apparently has an extension also - it’s hard to tell. If you find yourself performing this operation many times an extension would save you a lot of work. If not, here’s a way without using extensions:

Hi Jim,

Thanks!! I will see how many times I use the above in Sketchup. I do often extude edges in 3ds Max and find it a very usefull tool.

Dan Martin

Hi there “Box” is that a plug-in?

Dan Martin

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