How to extrude a line?

There is a way to extrude a line? maybe a plugin? It would save my day.

What kind of geometry would be created by the process of extruding a one-dimensional line? To create a face (e.g., turn a 1D edge into a 2D square)?

Extrusion Tools from TIG has a tool for this (Extrude Edge by Vector).

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There are several extensions that allow to extrude lines. Google it and find which suit you better.

You might find it worthwhile to peruse the Extension Warehouse. There’s PushLine which will do it. TIG’s Extrude Tools have even more capabilities.

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If you want to practice a simple way with native tools, see this SU file for ideas.

Extruding an edge.skp (79.1 KB)

You may be taking “line” more literally than the OP meant. I think he really meant “curve” or “polyline”, Those would extrude to a nonplanar surface.

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+1 for Pushline. I love that simple little extension. Coupled with axis locking it rocks. I use it almost every day.

Of course, the same procedure apply for any type of curve or polyline. See this SU file.

Extruding a polyline.skp (100.8 KB)

i didnt understand your file, Jean. wouldn’t it be better to make a rectangle at once? anyway that’s not what i was wanting to do i wanted to stretch a line forming a rectangle, without having to draw a rectangle.

Your question was about how to extrude a line.

Now you want to stretch a line forming a rectangle. Stretching or changing the length of one line making a rectangle will transform it into a four sided figure that is not a rectangle. This can be done with the Move tool.

Or you may want to MOVE a line to change one dimension of a rectangle, making it longer or shorter. This can be done with the Move tool.

Drawing a rectangle is faster than what you want, it takes two clicks to draw just a line, then you would have to extrude it. Drawing a rectangle also takes two clicks.
So in my humble opinion this seems like a pretty useless wish…

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ok, thank you very much for the effort, world would be such a better place with people like you

Did you check out Pushline? Does it do what you are asking for?

not yet, gonna try later, Ive came up with other idea, thanks.

I suggested PushLine 5 days ago and you still haven’t tried it?