Can't Push a line?


im new in sketchup… i dont know if i can push a line Which drawn on a rectangle?
here is my file , please capture a video when u are doing it for me.
thanks.Untitled3.skp (97.2 KB)


Push Line


alright , so how to push all these lines together?4948


What exactly are you trying to achieve? Maybe you need to be using the Move tool.


Move tool works , but only when the vertical line is straight.
just watch this video and u will see.


Use the Auto Fold feature. Again, what exactly are you trying to achieve?


You’re using Auto-fold in the first example in your video, but then Auto-fold isn’t turning on automatically once the line is angled. Press the Alt key to activate Auto-fold when it doesn’t happen by itself.


Yes that worked good but there is something wrong , idk why its creating these lines when i do that:(video)


Those additional lines are required to make faces because the four edges aren’t coplanar. It’s simple, fundamental geometry. In order to create a face, the bounding edges must lie on the same plane.