Rate my first house design

I’m not an architect, actually, I’m originally a builder. This will be a real house soon.
My design is just for layout and how to utilise the space effectively at this stage… not going to detail on aesthetics yet. It has a topography layer tag ‘Outside>Land>Topo Land’ and a ‘New Land Level’
This is the real land topography so I’ve set the garage 1m lower than the rest of the house and added the pool in the center to reduce excavation requirements (its rocky land)

Just curious if I would get any feedback on this forum about how I can improve my design. Open to all ideas. TIA

SKP File


Sure. You have a garage at p = -1 meter and a kitchen and the rest of the house at p = 0 meter.
How would one go from kitchen to the rest of the house? Outside?

Don’t know your design criteria so not sure how to advise if you have met your design goals. I would suggest creating more tags for items such as the roof, pavement, casework, Jacuzzi, pool etc. it will be easier to navigate the file. I would run purge on the file it will reduce file size. Review your material sizes I think some of them are quite large. Look at your component sizes and see if you can find lower poly count components.

Thanks for your response.

You can see in the file, the main house is accessed from the front door which has stairs up to ‘0’ from the driveway area and there is also stairs in the garage.
Outside (right rear garden is also at ‘0’, while left front garden has access from the front door stairs, but I’m thinking to add more staris to the left of the gazebo too

Thanks for your input, actully I was unaware of any purge function, so Iv’e just done that.

Re: tags, Yes there could be more, but this breaks up most of everything that I require at this stage:

Later I will move into MEP Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing and will stage all separately for my architect to convert into working drawings

As for the modeling, I would suggest that you get into the habit of ensuring correct face orientation as you model. There should be no exposed back faces (blue here).

Also ensure correct tag usage to avoid problems.
Screenshot - 10_18_2023 , 10_38_11 AM
Purging unused, as you’ve found, is important.
Screenshot - 10_18_2023 , 10_38_30 AM
This reduced your file size by over 53%.

Villa Design Share purged.zip (15.4 MB)