Random push pull

Need help…
Can’t find a random push pull plugin in the extension warehouse.
I appreciate your help!

Maybe Greeble would do the job?

If you mean Tig’s Random P/P you’ll find it in the sketchucation store.

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is there any free application?

What do you mean, It is free.

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the application generates the volume up down?

to get the application in the sketchucation store a paid registration is required.

Scroll down the page a bit and make an effort to read the frequently asked questions and you will see the link to the free registration.
Sketchucation has always been free and I imagine will continue to be free, but it does need money to run servers etc, so considering the benefits you get from it a subscription to help support it is very little to ask.

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What do you mean? It Greeble generates the volume in the direction you specify.

If you provided some details about what you really want to draw, you’d get more detailed answers.

After all works fine.
The problem is in my work file, which imported from autocad.
Something must be configured to generate the volumes upside down.
I appreciate your time!
thank you so much.

I’m sorry, I’m new in these things.
I managed to make the free registration! and get the application.
I appreciate your time!
thank you so much.

Face orientation will have an impact on that because the directions are based on the normals of the faces. Actually this would apply to both Greeble and Random Push/Pull. Make sure all of the faces at least have the same orientation.

Ignorance is a problem!!!
Once again, thank you.


May I use your quote? :slight_smile:

Yes, no problem. You can use.

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Ignorance is not a problem because it can be cured with education. Stupidity, however, is another issue entirely.


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