Random colors added to model

Hi. I have a simple model of an industrial building, just a few colors added. 1 Screenshot is from after I purged un-used colors. After save and reopen, without any changes whatsoever, I get multiple random colors added to the model. (screenshot 2)Whats up? :slight_smile:

What sort of names do those added materials have? Are the names substantially different from the ones you added or are they names from one of the native Colors collections? Does this happen on every file? Can you share an example .skp file that has done this?

Problem seems to come from my imported steel ifc, attached as sketchup file. I clean it it with Clean up extension and delete all colors. It looks to me like very cleanly made geometry with no excessive detailing and no hidden geometry, but model is massive 29Mb anyway… I delete all the colors, and purge it for components, but there is something still coming back …

stål.skp.zip (4.5 MB)

And the names of the colors is clearly not from my sketchup library, so it must be coming from the ifc file.

Is that file coming from outside or is it something you created? I expect you could remove them from the IFC but that would likely cause other problems.

For me, purging the materials seems to be a permanent thing. I saved the file and then opened it again and they were not there. Still the file is quite large for what it is. Note Statistics shows 1162 component instances 1162 Component Definitions. That means despite there being what appears to be multiples of the same part, each one is a different component definition so this will resultin a larger file size than you might have if you have multiple instances of the same component definitions.

Screenshot - 6_26_2020 , 7_52_33 AM

Here’s an example of what I mean. This is at the base of the bolts for one column. I move these selected entities down off the bolts. The short round pieces are inside the square ones and each one is a separate component definition. I suppose that’s due to the IFC.

thanks. The model came from outside, from a proper engineering firm that probably has the elements as proper components in some software I don’t know. Probably the ifc makes them separate components as you say, and that obviously adds to the file size. I now found that the colors coming back is not from the engineering file import., but it comes from my template file, empty inside with just default “Laura” profile…

I delete all the colors in the file containing just “Laura” so that she is all white… When I save, close, and open the file again it seem like colors from my original template are loaded in again…

Ah… I suppose since Laura is a Dynamic Component just the fact she is in the model would be enough. Do you need Laura in your template? You could delete the component and then purge unused components and unused materials before saving your template.

tried that now, deleted Laura, purged components, deleted all styles, deleted all colors into a completely empty file that should have only the basic choice of metric scale and background color as setting. made a template named “no Laura” default.

. When I open a new empty file, Laura and her colors are gone, but there is still some colors coming from somewhere, with names like beton, zetwerk (sounds Dutch ? :slight_smile: ) this is strange.

Those names are odd. They must be coming from an extension. Probably the one associated with the toolbar on the left whose name escapes me at the moment. Skalp.

Did you also check for hidden geometry and objects?

I disable and uninstall Scalp. Closes Sketchup and reopens a new model.

should be empty and no hidden geometry: empty maybe.skp (72.2 KB)
screenshot says nothing in it:

Deletes all colors. Make a new template. Open new drawing. colors still there for me.
I guess it you open the file its empty with no colors … :slight_smile:

well… No. The colors are there in your file.

Try this file and see if the colors are there.
My Default.skp (11.8 KB)

Do you have some other extension written by a Dutch author that would add materials named in Dutch?

ahh-- the ifc-manager- that’s from the Netherlands.

tried your default file, and saved it as template immediately after open. colors still there.

next step is disabling the ifc manager

and then it worked


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Well, I don’t have that extension and I know the file wasn’t sent with the colors. I think you’re on to it now. If you need to use that extension, I wonder if it has a setting to prevent it from automatically adding those materials.

its a cool extension, lets you make ifc files with proper ifc-classes, layers, floor levels, object nameing, and all the things that I can’t get to work in the built in ifc exporter. I had a separate forum query a few days ago on the ifc export, with the developer chiming in. Maybe I can get him to stop with the color-spreading :slight_smile: Will try reinstalling some version of it first to see if it automatically adds these slightly annoying colors.

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