Colors in Model issue

Can anyone see why this is happening? You can see from the screenshot below that I have used certain materials to distinguish elements in section. Once used, these normally show up in Colors in Model but what I see here is just the default set (not actually those I have used but are presumably automatically loaded). Is this working differently from SU 2018?


I just went back to working on the file and when I picked an existing material using the eyedropper, suddenly everything was back to normal.

I do seem to have some weird things happening. I have noticed that when I close a loop, quite often I get two surfaces created, one on top of the other. I can’t then apply materials until I realize and delete one of the surfaces.

Just me?

And here’s an example. I go to draw a line on an existing surface and double surfaces are created in the process. One of the new ones can be painted with a material but the other cannot. What is going on?


We can only guess unless you attach the model.

I’m guessing from that that it may indeed be peculiar to me or this drawing. Anyway, here it is then.

Model.skp (816.8 KB)

This looks like you have tiny inaccuracies caused by using length snapping.
I have changed the precision and you can see that things are every so slightly off axis.

Thanks @Box, it was driving me nuts. I can’t quite think how that happened. I produced some of the 2D stuff from a section slice. I guess I must have been a bit sloppy at some stage.

The created face that gets painted is dependant on: zoom level and graphic related issues like Antialiasing, pixels etc…
Not sure if there is a decapreation here.

Try this:
make a component or wrapped group, rotate a copy 360 and try to paint it:

it does not seem to be painted.
now, when moving is selected, the painted group is being moved, so there is some inconsistency.

Those tiny inaccuracies would not have an impact on the ‘In model’ collection, though.
In the screenshot, there aren’t any patterns, at all, leading to suspect a Mac-related issue…

If you mean my screenshot? that’s because I went monochrome, I was more interested in finding why there were extra faces.

No, the very first post from @simoncbevans

It could be that there was some ‘Cache’ in the Color Panel, and we can not say for sure, but in his second screenshot, they are there…

I get the same result as you. I presume I was creating a new face because I was picking a slightly different location, even though it looked the same.

What is “decapreation”? I looked it up but no dice.

I cannot reproduce the peculiarity again right now so perhaps it was just a one-off glitch.

I have made it up for you :grin:

I think I meant decapitation, Features being cut of while upgrading…

There is no room for ‘one-off’ glitches in software, I think, just circumstances changing…

The inaccuracies may be part of the problem, but there is a underlying glitch, as well.

Ah, you’ve been coinifying new words, I see…!

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