Random Material from nowhere appears only in Materials

Hi there Sages and Learned Ones and others,
So, this is not the first time it has happened. How this Material appears and why, I have no clue but all I can tell you is that it always comes out as a gray color - in this case #3F3F3F, not sure if it is this specific color every time. And that ever since I got this SketchUp Pro (free trial), it began to occur.

Here’s an image of one instance (it happened today and prompted me to create this Topic), but it also occurred yesterday when I was building a Mobile Crane (no, construction is not my dream, nor is yellow tall extending towers).
Now, normally I would not even bat an eye about this, but I really like to keep my Materials to a minimum. So, can someone please give a semi-logical reason for why this annoying #3F3F3F gray appears from nowhere?
Thank you and Merry Christmas!

I have no clue about the color but if you are using Pro(trial) you should change your profile… It helps other people to help you better and faster!
In case you don’t know how, click on your avatar in the right-upper corner, then preferences…

Your screenshot shows the web version, which is not the pro trial version.
The material is probably in your template, purge the component tab then the material tab, the sort of triangular arrows to the left of your red circle.

If the material refuses to purge, even if you don’t see it anywhere, you might have edges somewhere, maybe inside a component, painted with it. I don’t know about the Web version, but in the desktop one you can right-click on the material in the material tray and delete it.

This isn’t a bug. You added a dimension or a text entity. They come in using that material. If purging won’t get rid of it, you still have a dimension or label somewhere in your model. Delete them and then you can purge the color from the model.

Oh, yes, thank you, it turns out I had used a text entity, and I will delete it.
The “purging” is the image “reduce, reuse, recycle” symbol?
Anyways, thanks a lot!

I know it is the recycling symbol, but I couldn’t know that you did.