Radius extrusion where one leg changes angle at the vertex


i have been racking my brain and really using SketchUp to proof my various logic paths in engineering a trim detail for a high profile commercial construction project. Ive hit a wall (pun).
wondering if anyone has any suggestions.
Imagine a wall framed on a large radius. Now imagine the wall at the ceiling is at a larger radius than that of the base. The wall leans out toward you at the top. Now punch a hole in the wall that when elevated looks like a rectangle with 10" radius on the 4 corners. I am trimming this opening with a double bull nose profile (5-1/2" X 3-1/2").
I thought i had it licked with a continuous “follow me” that went all the way around. until i looked closer and realized that either at the ceiling or at the base the profile wasn’t laying flat on the wall. it is picking up some the angle that should only occur at the vertical sides.
A model is worth a thousand words so please check it out.
thanksSEND FOR HELP LASSY.skp (2.4 MB)


FYI, the line that is component #8 is the path i need to follow with the outside edge of the profile that is component #10


Looks like a job for either “FollowMe & Keep” or the Upright Extruder extensions


Here I am using FAK extension

Step 1, I but the extrusion path on its “back”.
Step 2, I selected the path and then the surface profile… and run FAK. It takes a few seconds to finish.

Step 3, I soften/smooth the finished product and rotated it back up.
Step 4 … To test, I drew a vertical line… the vertical line is flush against the extrusion surface.

Hope this helps


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