A push/pull problem (going around corners and retaining profile orientation)

Hey guys,
Trying to use follow-me to create a shape along the peak of some hip roofs.

To create the path to follow along, I created a copy of the outline of the roof peaks, and raised it by a few CM in vertical axis. So the path is fine, it’s joined etc.

The problem is (well, the tool is working as it should do, but I need different result), is that when the follow-me reaches the corner and bends around, it rotates the profile shape (as it probably should do), but I need it to retain the same orientation as (if you get me).

So the result is wrong.
What can I do here guys?
many thanks.

PS - can I make follow-me travel out along two different lines? (because obviously my path splits in different directions at certain points) - I doubt it can. Maybe there is an extension?

This is a known limitation of FollowMe [not PushPull?].
There are some Extensions that resolve the issue, and keep the extrusion ‘vertical’.
Look up eneroth3’s Vertical Extruder…
There are others…

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looks ideal, thanks for the quick reply. You’re a ledge. WIll try it now

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