Follow me draw Extra face That's not needed!

Hello everyone.

I want to draw profile with follow me but I receive the wrong model As a result :roll_eyes:

it’s a very easy example:

also uploaded the example model:

test.skp (777.6 KB)

what can i do for resolving this problem?

thanks in advance

dim A should be < dim B

Changing the position of the path, as proposed by Geo, is a way in which you can change that proportion.
I changed that proportion by increasing the dim B, without changing the path.


that is golden point :slightly_smiling_face::wink:

thanks for your reply mihai.s


The root of the problem is the location of the path in relation to the extrusion profile.
Use the Offset tool to create a path located at the top of the profile.

Then the profile will extrude cleanly around the acute angle.
See the attached model.

test_Proper Path.skp (1.5 MB)


thanks for your reply Geo .
that was Interesting for me .

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