Radiant Floor Heating Extension

Researching radiant floor heating for a foundation design. Any suggestions for an extension? My first choice would be Medeek Foundation, but not sure if this is an option? Thanks for any ideas?

Do you want to model all the piping etc?
Or calculate heatexchange etc?
Or need details on how to set this up?
I would just add a label to the floor and add some text in LayOut.

Great questions, Mike. Should have been more specific. The objective would be routing of the flexible tubing. The layout would enable routing with suitable perimeter margins, interior stud wall exclusions, etc. In general, to avoid any non-walking areas and to reduce perimeter heat loss. Hope this helps …

Unless you are planning on doing this more often, I would advice just to just share the project with a manufacturer or specialist and let them do the routing and grouping.
If they provide a (2D) drawing, use that in LayOut.
All you need to know is some general rules ( zoning, thickness of the system, usage of rooms, etc)

Thanks Mike. Generally good advice, let the experts handle the details. :grinning: Fresh from my last project, I found the experts ran the tubing under interior walls, concrete stairs, door thresholds, cabinets, etc. Additionally, some zone valves were located at ends of long runs of uninsulated copper piping. Adjacent rooms on different zones. In one case the master bath and bedroom were on different zones. So, this time around, my plan is to have a detailed drawing that I can discuss with the installers before the concrete is poured. :wink:

In our region, you can use software for one or two projects at reasonable price:

I am sure there is something similar where you reside.