Need help drawing infloor heat loops!

Hi All,

Im relatively new to sketchup, I need help drawing out a 2D infloor heat system that makes a loop and goes back to a common header… unsure of what commands to use or if the line function can do multiple points? I’d also need to measure the total distance of the line “loop”

Thanks in Advance!

My inclination would be to draw the center line of the loop using the Line and Arc tools. Selecting all of the centerline edges will show you the length in Entity Info. You could use Follow Me with a circle and the center line to create the tubing. It would be 3D but if you only want to see it in 2D, make a plan view with the camera set to Parallel Projection.

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Use the ‘Line’ tool to draw the center line of the tube (as @DaveR mentioned) but draw as “snail” pattern to ensure equal heating on all parts of the floor. So whereever you are on the floor, you have high and lower (return) running side by side. The distance between tubes can vary to controle heat exchange to the surrounding room area ( near windows for example).
Google for “floor heating snail” and look at images to see some examples.

p.s. use a ‘Weld’ plugin to weld all the lines of each tube together into a single curve. ’ Entity Info’ shows the length of the curve. That’s easier to select than a series of connected edges.
With multiple tubes for multiple heating loops group each curve to separate its geometry from other geometry. You can also paint each group a different color.

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