Creating routed panels to fit pipes with intersecting groves


Hoping someone can help!!

I’ trying to draw up some routed insulation panels which have spaces to insert underfloor heating pipes. The bit I’m struggling with is where the pipe curves round, and have the straight one running down through, i cant get the faces to intersect.
I’ve tried using the follow me tool, but just having no luck at all!
I have googled everything i can possibly think but cant find any tutorials on this anywhere!!

Here’s a picture of one of the boards I’m trying to create…
TekGroup | Your Specialist Solutions Provider. (wont let me upload the photo!)

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated!

If I were doing that I would model the channels as a solid object and use the Solid Tools or Bool Tools 2 to subtract the channel shape from the panel object.

Why? Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve modeled so far. Note that Follow Me won’t follow forked paths.


Thank you for your help! I’m new to Sketch-up for modelling like this. I used it it university about 12 years ago for interior design but its changed a lot since then!

My file is here: Routed Board.skp (5.1 MB)
Its a bit messy but you can see ive tried a few different things!

So I used a circle drawn over the midpoint of one side of one of the ovals for Follow Me and created a solid component of just the oval. I also made a straight extrusion with Push/Pull and made that another solid component.

These components were copied using Move/Copy. I also modeled the panel and made it a solid component.

For this example I used the Trim tool in Bool Tools 2 so that the cutters I created in the previous step would not be deleted and so that the panel would remain a component instead of being converted to a group. You could use the Subtract or Trim tool in the native Solid Tools if you don’t mind the panel becoming a group with a different name than you gave the panel when you created it. I moved the cutter shapes up to expose the channels but you could delete them when you’ve finished with them.

Edit to add: You could combine the ovals and the straights into a single solid object before using them to cut the panel but by leaving them separate, you can edit them if needed for different paatterns of grooves.