[Quiz] What Is It?

A quick one before my coffee kicked in.


a wooden machine that is not going to work ? :slight_smile:

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Why do you say it won’t work? It will do exactly what it is designed to do.

I don’t quite understand why the metal piece that is supposed to hold the arm when it is lifted is not on the top and the notches at the bottom of the arm ? won’t it fall back down with gravity the way it is ?

What makes you think the metal piece is supposed to support the arm when it is lifted?

You can adjust the height the arm is allowed to raise. Also note the extra positions on the upright.

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I don’t know :smiley:

It’s a skunk stripe painter. The skunk walks under the arm that has been set for the specific height animal and the paint runs down and gives him or her the appropriate white bits.

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I’m going with wagon jack. But I sure wouldn’t crawl under said wagon.


Very good. I think that’s it’s second purpose.

Got it in one.

No need to crawl under the wagon when it’s on the jack. That’s just for removing/replacing a wheel. There’s plenty of room to crawl under the wagon when it is on its wheels.
Screenshot - 12_22_2017 , 7_59_43 AM

Interesting isn’t it that people always look at the long end to see what it could do when in fact it is the handle, the short end does the lifting.
It’s a good example of how most people have evolved out of understanding basic physics.

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It is interesting. I think it also shows how it is easy to get the wrong idea of what something is supposed to do and then decide it isn’t designed correctly for that job. That shows up frequently here on the forum when users pronounce that something doesn’t work or that there’s a bug when it turns out they just aren’t using it as it was designed to be used.


I was just trying to guess, that’s what a quizz it meant for ! but alright, I won’t be part of your quizz anymore ! you two don’t have to be so condescending

Lost in translation I think. No intended condescension from either of us.

Wow! Lost in translation is right! There was no condescension intended by either of us. I was happy you were guessing and I found it interesting how you came to the conclusions you did. I wasn’t attacking or belittling you.

I was actually referring to myself here. I didn’t dare guess because I couldn’t work out what that arm was meant to do.

it’s some kind of brace…so put what you need to hold on the curved part and the metal piece get the support to the wood harm when tries to go down because of the weight… because is curves and you need at least two of them…maybe is for trunks?

depending on how heavy is what you have on the curved part of the arm I would have hinges bottom part of the legs so they can open more like 45 degrees for better support

This part is right.

Yes. Like the weight of a wagon.

Nope. As Shep wrote, “I’m going with wagon jack.”

It is drawn as it was designed and originally built.