Questions about using other people's models

Hi all! Super new and excited to be here! Please bare with me I’m kinda not tech savvy so it’s hard to find stuff out sorta. Anyway just wanted to ask a few questions.

  • Is it possible to move a SketchUp model to Unity for a computer game?

  • If so, how do I get permission to use someone else’s model for it if it’s just going to be a free mod and the model was free to download?

  • Do I need permission at all since the model was free and I’m not selling it?

  • If none of this is possible what can I do to have someone make a model for me to use, that isn’t very detailed but accurate?

Like I said before I’m not very tech savvy, so it would be very difficult to do one myself, especially with any level of accuracy. The model I’m looking at is the Ford m1918 tank by zdanwoj and I would like to mod it into Panzer War by Shanghai Windy. Thanks again! Hope I did this right and didn’t offend anyone or ask stupid questions.

Unity is slightly out of date with SketchUp support. Downloading as 2017 format should import ok. Or use Collada.

@psaal or @TheGuz can tackle the legal questions.

How do you use Collada? Does it just import the files from one to the other?

@MasonCP Please see the 3D Warehouse Terms of Use and this FAQ.

If you have further questions you will need to engage the service of an attorney to advise you.

Thanks! I will gladly so!

So if I wanted permission from zdanwoj to use his model how would I go about doing that? He doesn’t seem to be on the community forums.