Questions about mice

Based on the reading, you appear to be a great person to answer this question…
“With a ‘dull’ 3-button mouse, clicking and rolling the scroll wheel does a rotate. With an Evoluent mouse set in ‘sketchUp mode’ it does a zoom in/out by default. Is there a detailed discussion somewhere on what the app supports from the mouse and what the operations are called?”

My daughter is a first year Interior Designer and I’m the nerd that bought her the mouse… It’s much nicer than what she has at work, except for that one function that’s annoying her.

Thank in advance.

PS I use an old free version of SketchUp for furniture design. So I know just enough to be dangerous, but not any good with it.

Rolling the mouse wheel should zoom. Clicking the mouse wheel button and moving the mouse should Orbit the camera, not Rotate.

Normally the assignment for Orbit on with the center mouse button is “Middle Button.”

I’ll tell her to give that a try, thanks.

Hopefully it works for her. I’m not familiar with that fancy mouse. We just get plain old house mouses. :wink:

Ergonomic, 6-button, and expensive.

But it’s saved my hands and in her case there’s a button on it that allows you to change tracking resolution on the fly (don’t have to open the pointer settings dialog). That makes it a breeze to go from fine detail (have to move the mouse far to get small displacement on screen), to “normal” (small move of mouse moves much bigger distance on screen).

The mouse should not only save her time but save wear and tear on fingers, shoulder, and elbow (said the guy whose had 8 hand surgeries). Thanks again.

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