Question on 3D print design (natural rock)

I am planning to print a 3D landscape
After watching some video from the youtube tutorial, i use sandbox “from scratch” make some good shape but I cannot simulate the texture of the natural rock.
So can i use a 3D scanner to scan a real rock, and then extract the surface texture from the scan and paste it to my landscape?
Or is there any other method which do not need a 3D scanner


There are some decent rocks on the 3D warehouse already. I don’t know how well they would print, but they could definitely serve as a starting point. Here is a link to one of them:

If you need something a bit more customizable, there is an excellent plug in for that. Again, I can’t say how well they will print but as a starting point, it might help a bit. Here is the link:

Finally, if you have a 3D scanner, then yes, I am sure there is a way to scan a rock in to SketchUp but I am not sure why one would need to do that unless they needed an oddly specific rock.

If you just need the texture for your a rock, you can always download one you like from the internet or take a picture of a rock and use it to create a custom texture. For more information on textures take a look at this link: