Question about rendering trees

Hi there,

So I’m new to the world of rendering. I’m amazed how handy this tool is for my urban design projects.
A great feature/help is the warehouse, where I can find my tree’s etc for the model.

After I tried some trees I found a couple of pretty looking trees and tried to render them, only to find out that the leaves turn in to these white planes.
Can anyone explane to me why this is happening and how I solve this?

Thanks in advance

What’s the question?

oh I see, the text was missing. My bad.

Hi @Tihbach ,
Looks like there is a problem with ‘opacity map’ texture. Try to reapply it.
Share the 3D warehouse model link here, so people can have a look.

I don’t think he has the original textures and opacity maps. One could download the textures from the EW, create the opacity maps and link them in the render of choice.

You’re right, image comes with alpha channel, so i just tested a random tree from warehouse and looks like just need to enable “Use colour texture as transparency” at the material settings.

Have you looked at trees and plants. They use proxies so as not to overload the model, but they render great, but there is a cost factor.

Thanks for your help

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