Camera & perspective issues, 2D plants from warehouse

Hi everybody,

I’m pretty new to SketchUp and I’ve been stuck on a seemingly simple camera issue that I can’t find anybody talking about online. I’m using some plants I downloaded from 3D warehouse. The plants are made up of many perpendicular 2D faces.

From certain angles, they look fine, but when I rotate the camera the plants overlap over each other and perspective is lost. I’ve been exploding them and making sure they are not “facing the camera” but I still can’t seem to figure it out.

I would be so grateful if somebody could point me in the right direction!

It’s possibly a ‘transparency’ issue since the plants are really PNG textures with transparent backgrounds. Try going to Styles and setting your transparency quality to ‘Nicer’.

So happy to get a response! I changed the transparency quality to nicer and things look a lot better. I think I’m still having the issue but it doesn’t look as bad. I’m concerned that when I go to render the project I’ll still be having the depth issues, but now seeing an improvement by just changing the viewer settings makes me feel like it the issue might not carry over.

It’s not likely to carry over to rendering. What rendering extension are you using?

Also, check to see if there is any opacity applied to the texture itself. If so, removing it may help. See with opacity and without example:


I’m about to sign up for the VRAY free trial. Sorry to ask another question, but is there a real time rendering software popular in the community I can use to test for the issue faster? It’s as if some plants are stuck in the foreground regardless of their position in the space.

VRAY is good option. You could demo Enscape as well if you’re on PC. There are others that now offer Real Time rendering but I’m not familiar with then so can’t say for sure.

One last thing, if you’re downloading plants from 3D Warehouse there is a lot of junk out there. If something is giving you trouble it’s possible that it’s a bad model. Try something else. The more you work with SU the more you’ll come to find what works and doesn’t with stuff on 3D Warehouse.

Thanks @eric-s, you’ve been really helpful. Unfortunately the problem still remains but I haven’t seen how it looks rendered yet. Here is another screenshot for anybody else viewing this thread.

Can you post your model…or at least that section of it for further analysis?

Oh man, you’re the best. Here’s the section I’m referring to. Maybe it’s just bad models?

testplant.skp (1.5 MB)

So the grass texture did have some opacity in it so I took that out…not perfect as you’ve noticed but see how it renders. No problems with perspective, etc. So don’t worry about it or if the way it looks in SU bugs you, find a new grass component :wink:


THANK YOU! Ok this is very reassuring. I really appreciate you putting in the effort to help me out. Much less stressed now!

No worries. Welcome to the fun that is working with 3D Warehouse components!

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