Model issues rendering


Hi guys,

I’m having some trouble with a model I’m working with, and I’m not sure if it’s just a bad model or if it’s something I’m doing in SU. I’ve been using this grass model that was looking nice when rendered in VRay until recently. Now when I render it, all the faces are showing and it looks completely wrong. I’m just confused because it was working fine and but after making a few changes here and there I can’t seem to get them to render properly anymore.

The top screenshot is how the render looks after VRay, the bottom is roughly how it should look.


Set it to monochrome face style to check if your faces are oriented.


Hi @Forestr
Thanks for the response! I’ve been checking the faces and everything seems okay. The weirdest part is that it totally happens randomly. I was working for a while and things were fine, but SU crashed and when I booted it up the problem was back. Again, thank you for the feedback.


Strange. It has all the signs of reversed faces, but it must be something else. Good luck!


Check to make sure that ‘use png texture as transparency’ is checked for that grass material in VRAY’s asset editor.