Model renders black

Not really sure what the problem is with this render. Everything looks good in interactive but buildings render black. The same model will render fine in 3Ds Max. Any clues?

untitled_Scene 2

If you turn on the monochrome face style as shown in your screenshot below, my guess is that you have a lot of reversed faces, which will be rendered as black. If so, you need to correct the orientation of them.
(But it is odd if it renders fine elsewhere)


I had already tried that. But that doesn’t explain why the face me component such as people and trees are black as well.

I were just thinking that. So all the face orientation is correct?

Yes as far as I can tell. I researched that earlier and came across that answer and then tried to reverse a few to see if it made a difference but it didn’t.

What’s interesting is that the roof comes out but doesn’t look anything like the preview quality, maybe you could get a better answer at the V Ray forum, I’m guessing it could be in that department…

It only seems that Vray material will work strangely! I drew a new box and and it wouldn’t render. When I applied a Vray material it did as you can see it in blue.untitled|690x405

Sorry, I cant see the link you posted, its not working. Although I don’t think “I” will be of any more help with V RAY related matters…

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