White faces turning black in Vray Render

Hello everyone!

I want to ask you guys for some help.

I’m new on Vray and I’m having an issue while rendering a scene. The ceiling is getting all black, even when the face is white. Inside it has no texture and the face orientation is correct. I already tried to see the diffuse option and it is ok, There’s no other entities or objects colliding in the ceiling as well. I really don’t understand. If someone could help, I’d be grateful!

See ya!

What are the settings for the ceiling material? Is the ceiling raw geometry or group? Did you apply material to the face or to the group? What settings do you have for rendering?

If you view your model in monochrome mode, with a style for its default-material and back-material set to some colors that are distinctively different, are you looking at the underside of the ceiling face ?
Many render apps make the ‘rear-faces’ black, ignoring the applied material you can see in the model.
Reverse the problem face[s] and apply the material to the front face now visible from below.