Question about Dynamic components and randomization on copy create

Trying to make a dynamic component that randomizes height and rotation on creation/placement

But i can’t figure out what behavior to use. Closest i got is adding an on click behavior, But there is alot of dynamic trees to click in a forest.

onClick = SET(“Randheight”,RANDBETWEEN(500,1000)); SET(“RandRot”,RANDBETWEEN(0,360))

Is there any way to hack an onMove onCopy onCreate or anything of that nature?

Anything with the random function in a Dynamic Component will use a new value on redraw, so if you have a lot you want to randomize differently, then just select them all and right click–>Dynamic Components–>Redraw.

OOps!!! I just tested. What I typed above is how I think things SHOULD work. Unfortunately, Redraw only appears when you’ve selected a single dynamic component.