Rotating copies


I have created a dynamic component that has a set of copies in it, i would like to rotate each of the copies around their individual red axes. when i change the rotation attribute of the original, it will rotate, but the copies remain un-rotated. if i then go back and change another attribute that controls the number of copies to a greater amount, the new copies are rotated, and the original, but not the original copies. then if i change that attribute again, so that there zero copies, and then chance again to the quantity that i wanted, finally they will all be rotated. there must be a better way.

Can you upload the file for us to see?

It sounds like the issue is that the copies aren’t Redrawing when you rotate the original. But when you change the amount of copies, it forces a redraw to the new ones.
I’ve had a similar problem before, never fixed it, I asked around and someone suggest you use the Current function. I never got around to figuring it out, but try making a new Attribute with a Currrent(rotation) and then have the original Rotation references it. It’s just a guess, but it’s all I got.

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As soon as I read the first line of your post, I knew what was wrong. its not redrawing. of course you can force it to redraw by right click, dynamic component, redraw. this worked, but why wasn’t it doing it automatically? I didn’t mention in my original post that I had not yet added a custom attribute to my component, I was just changing the rotation attribute manually, and when I tab out of that field, it dose not force a redraw. however once I added the custom field, and changed it via the component options window, once you click apply, it dose force a redraw. problem solved. I included the model anyway, thanks for the help.