Dynamic wall cladding component with varying heights gets too...dynamic

I’m trying to make a wall cladding with varying heights, I have used RANDBETWEEN(bottom,top) to get the different height of the panels, but I am unable to get the same value to the z-coordinate so the placement is off. It works if max.height and min.height is set to the same, but f***s up if not.
I hope someone can tell me what I am doing wrong, and talk like to a five-year old; I do not have extensive experience with dynamic components. :slightly_smiling_face: :thinking:

DC_parocdridesign_KS.skp (589.7 KB)

are you trying to make each panel a different height? and a stack of them for a given wall height? one option is to define the general space for each panel - e.g. if i have a wall 12’ high, and i want 6 panels, then i have 6 “spaces” of 2’ each. then my panel component has a “panel” and a “space” component. the random function defines the panel z within the 2’ limit, and the “space” is the remainder. then i simply stack them. if i want the random heigh panel somewhere random within the space, then the space component has 2 copies - top and bottom and the panel sits somewhere in that 2’ space.
see example:
example random wall panels.skp (169.8 KB)
example random wall panels

in this example the “frame” and “spaces” are hidden but could be other things like depth variations between panels or backing etc. one note - the wall panels will change each time you make changes to it – so once you have the pattern you want - de-DC-ify it (see Eneroth’s plugin)

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Thank you! Now I have it working the way I wanted to. :grinning: :+1:

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