Dynamic component formulas


This its vexing me, hope someone can point out where I’m going wrong.

Here’s a pic of a wall I’m trying to create as a dynamic component. What I’m trying to accomplish is to be able to scale the wall either in height or length and have everything adjust correctly.

Here are my formulas to position the “TopPlate” and “DblPlate” relative to the vertical length of the ply component of the wall; except for the dimension to adjust from the top of that ply length, the formulas are identical

Yet, when I scale the wall assembly, the “TopPlate” remains at its original vertical position! Note the “DblPlate” is where it should be.

And here’s the result of the formulas:

What am I doing wrong here? Something obvious, I’ll wager…




possible different axis? maybe scale? an isolated red “#” error?

can you upload the model?



I created the “plate” components at the same time, in the same axis. And, I don’t know what the “red # error” is. I’m trying other formulas in other fields now, to try to get the proper results.

Here’s the file. I appreciate you taking a look.

wall assembly creation.skp (728.8 KB)


It appears you uploaded the wrong file, this one

has no formula or problems, nothing to figure


Yea, I think I had scrapped the components and tried to start over again. Sorry I took so long to respond. Still sorting it out.


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