Dynamic component moves when scaled

I’ve created a 3 piece retaining wall that repeats in the x and z directions when scaled and in the y direction at a set interval. It all seems to work, but every time I scale it, it moves position. Is there any way that I can make sure it doesn’t change it’s base coordinates when scaled? Any help is much appreciated.

3 Piece retaining wall.skp (113.1 KB)

looks like a lot of errors. probably need to clean those up before further troubleshooting

that is because you have opened the component file rather than importing it

The attached file contains the component in question, the nested group was free to move, so fixed position at 0,0,0
possible fix.skp (684.6 KB)

3 Piece retaining wall.skp (79.0 KB)

Ok, I think I was able to upload it correctly this time. Thank you for helping!

I am looking to be able to move it anywhere in my model without it reverting to the file origin.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
3 Piece retaining wall.skp (79.0 KB)

3 Piece retaining wall.skp (79.0 KB)

Sorry about that. Did this upload work better?

change even

fixed, note that the first group position is set at x =0,y =0,z =0, as per first post, then the position is started at x = 0, not 9 with the change in the formula as per above

3 Piece retaining wall (3).skp (199.6 KB)

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