Dynamic component design service required

I have been dabbling with Dynamic components for a little while but due to lack of understanding the formulas I have decided I would rather pay someone else to produce one for for me.
The component would be a glass partition wall with silicon butted panels. If the wall is say 3000mm long it would have 3x1000mm panels with 10mm silicon joins between each panel. Whatever the length of wall, I would want it to divide equally. Each glass panel being not more than 1200mm. I suppose an option to input a quantity of panels would be good.
must be in metric. Glass will have manifestation to the bottom half which will be semi opaque.
I can discuss this in more detail and an SU block to anyone that’s interested.

Did you find a solution Simon?

No solution yet. Urgency has gone but would still be a “nice to have” for
future projects.
I would just like to divide a wall into a given number of glass panels.
Sometimes this would be silicone butted glass and sometimes framed glass.
Generally full height (floor to ceiling) this height will obviously vary.

Hi Simon

Sometimes it just knowing what is available. What I am about to tell you will blow you away. There is a new plugin called profile builder 2 this will do the job better than a dynamic component. Bang there goes the Job.

Just make one group and drag it along a line the length of your wall. See how many time you group fits on that line roughly. Measure the overlap. Take that and divide by two. Then just reduce the size of you original group by that size.

You can do that with the height as well.


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