Can I change the material in a Dynamic Component, without it making it unique?

I’m trying to make a component that can change color. they are representing Party lights. but I need one to be red and the other green. but I want it to stay as one component. is this possible?

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yes, can place a random, pattern, or choice to each internal copy
each is assigned a number, copy = 0 for original, then 1,2,3,…up to n=copies

let’s assume colors red, yellow, green, blue as a sample,
so for material =choose(copy+1,red, yellow, green, blue) would work for copies<4

num =(copy/4-int(copy/4))*4 +1 would give a repetitive 1,2,3,4
so material =choose(num, red, yellow, green, blue) will give a repetitive pattern

party lights.skp (20.5 KB)