Make dynamic components unique

hi guys, i have a small problem,

i have a component that i want to copy around a few times, but i also want to edit the color of some of the copies, not all,
but i cant make the components unique/ let the m behave uniquely.

how do i fix this?

thanks in advance

606 30.skp (297.9 KB)

The inner components like “Infill Without Edges” can be made unique by clicking into the next nest or using outliner, and then the context menu.

to edit color, need to get to the painted surface, this is Color M00, you could change it to a default and paint the component from outside

changes.skp (682.6 KB)

idd that works, but we need the whole component to be individualy editable by clicking the make unique option, so the client does not have to dubble click the component and make each group unique

for the color changes just change the inner surfaces to default , then one can paint the required area from outside

color.skp (1.0 MB)

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thats idd the result that i want to but i don’t really get how you did this, can you explain this a bit more?

nevermind found it! thanks alot pcmoor

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maybe one thing, what if i want to have a different back color than the front color? how do i do this?

maybe reverse the face?

that doesnt do it :confused:

ruby script?

hmm maybe, but 'm not expierienced enough with ruby :confused:

you could give an option to change the surface via RGB in the option dialogue

does this work with materials with textures aswel because this is going to be its main use

no, one would need to cut and paste the material name into the dialogue, a bit messy. Probably easier to click into the surface and paint it.

Need to sleep now, hopefully you will get other input, until tomorrow…,

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night night pc moor, the solution got dissaproved by my colegues though, they want tobe able to paint on a photo that covers multiple pannels, using the “texture -> position option” so this really doesn’t work :confused:
this means that they all need to be unique components

Good morning from tassie.
change the infill components to groups and copy the formulas from the original from another sketchup window.
this will allow the surfaces to act independently

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good morining (belgium here :slight_smile: ) this works! thanks a ton for your help pcmoor!