Function randombetween(low,high)

I seem to have hit a dead end and was hoping someone could help me out of it. Is there a way to refresh multiple dynamic components (hundreds) at once so that the function randombetween(low,high)in them distributes them randomly in the parameters that are set. Specifically, I have made one red blood cell and want to copy it and then have it randomly distribute in a blood vessel.


sorry did not see your post until now

Group the components within another component then trigger redraw<a

class=“attachment” href=“/uploads/default/4971/11eeb1d09221d272.skp”>ramdom height.skp (34.1 KB)


Sorry, but i couldnt get the link youd given. Is this a file or link?
Thanks for the help.

ramdom height.skp (34.1 KB)

must have deleted part of the path

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