Quarantine live models?

Hi all! Trying to think about what we could do to help ease the discomfort of the quarantine blues, and I wanted to ask if you guys would want to hang out and do a couple of extra live models. I was thinking of doing one around noon tomorrow… is anyone free to hang out then?


Good idea! What models do you have in mind?
I hope will also be something (techniques and texturing) about the landscape: roads and intersections, parkings over terrain (mountain).


How about Machu Picchu plus a new service road?

It may also be Machu Picchu, I am more interested to see what technique is used to create a road that can fit a mountainous terrain, with known heights and slopes.

Toilet paper fortress!

Do it! You want to!


How about one of these?

Gee Bee R-1

Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan

Infinite Recharge playing field. Full details: https://firstfrc.blob.core.windows.net/frc2020/Manual/2020FRCGameSeasonManual.pdf

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Looks like a job for ModTruss

Looks like fantastic fun, this must be the high school robotics team your were working with? I started looking through the docs, looks like the game is very complex. Shield Generator? I have one project working with some people who run a battlebots team and this reminds me of that, without the smashing.

I looks like the frame is currently designed around a Tomcat 12" box truss, which is also widely available on the warehouse. But ModTruss would work too.

Yes. It is mostly high school kids although we have some 7th and 8th graders, too. The robots the teams have made are pretty cool. They can work autonomously for part of the match. They’re doing calculations to adjust the ball delivery devices to hit the target. Pretty sophisticated stuff.

Cool. I just watched the online video and you’re right it’s super complex. Robots need a bunch of different capabilities, to shoot balls at multiple targets, rotate the color wheel, even lift themselves off the ground. I like the counterbalance challenge of the “Shield Generator”, makes that part way harder to get right.

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sounds good what about Bag end from the hobbit?

Thanks all for the great ideas (they are on the list)! For today, I will be doing a model that I had “in the queue,” an AC Cobra Roadster

Come hang out with me!


I started modeling that in 2013 but never finished it. Wish you more success!


Great idea model anything. I’m tired of watching depressing news feeds



Found a larger roll of paper in one of my last moving boxes…

Its a copy of the blueprint from the APC construction for the Alien movie. Found it years ago on ebay from a uk seller.
Contains lots of details incl. dimensions and cuts - could be a good preparation for a live modelling :smiley:



I love it!

Wow, that’s fabulous! So, you had those drawings to work with for your model, not just the Ron Cobb sketches on graph paper? Are you challenging @TheOnlyAaron to do a better job than you already did? :open_mouth: …or maybe with a little insight from you, he could walk through your process of how you went about it?

@TheOnlyAaron how about a SU competition to help pass the time?

In the works, my friend!!

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