Quads Modelling - How to get rid of triangles and pentagons?



Hi all,
I’m trying to learn quads modelling in Blender and i follow this tutorial. I wanted to add finer detail that tutor didn’t create and i came across a problem.
How can i get rid of these triangles and pentagons? It’ll be great if you could give me some tips/methods about how should i approach these issues.

Here is the .skp , .blend and .obj files : Anvil.zip (249.2 KB)

I also found these as guidance but having hard times making sense of them


Honestly, I think your model looks good enough. That’s what Blender Guru said. It’s a tough problem that doesn’t make much of a difference, so it’s not really worth your time. I think your priority should be sharpening those creases.

Watch 18:19 - 19:17 to hear what Blender Guru said about this subject verbatim. He basically said it’s fine if you have triangles and n-gons, but only if the model is sufficient.


The problem is when i want to sharpen those edges, i need to create ‘loop cuts’ and those triangles & pentagons hinders that.


The occational triangle is fine IMO.

But the n-gons is worth getting rid of. I got some links to quad modelling workflow articles here: http://evilsoftwareempire.com/subd/quads


Dang… some of the links are now dead :frowning: I need to see if I can find where they moved. They were good resources.

At least this one still works: http://topologyguides.com/


Here is one:


@thomthom Thank you, I’ve already taken a look at your website, topologyguide.com and much more. I think i’ve a fair technical knowledge about quads modelling now but need more practice.

@MikeWayzovski It’s amazing to see that what a 10 year-old video can do, explains everything perfectly, thanks for sharing.

Finished the anvil with slight deformations but will move on for now :upside_down_face:


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