Geometry cleaning

I have part of a model made up of 4 groups of differing shapes to form the nose cone of a submersible vessel. Each has been created using Soap Skin and Bubble and I am happy with the result. However, bring the groups together in preparation to explode and combine, the edges of each group result in obvious raised ridges, particularly visible when the geometry is imported into Blender

Having combined the groups, is there a plug-in that can re-model the mesh into quads so that loop cuts can be used to smooth the ridges. I have tried Quad Face Tools but can’t get it to do what is needed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Richard C.

Why not let us see enough of the part to try modeling it ourselves? From what I see, I don’t think I’d use SS&B, and I certainly wouldn’t try to model a single, integrated object using four separate groups.



Here is the part and also the full body of the model for you to see it in context. In the full body model I used Curviloft and cannot get the quads needed to enable loop rings. Soap skin produced a far better result - but in both cases the point of join is the problem

Alternative ideas welcome

Many Thanks

Richard CForForum.skp (1.6 MB)

ForForum2.skp (758.8 KB)

Sorry, friend, but I really don’t know what you’re talking about. What are loop rings?

Perhaps I you’d rather wait for someone who follows your terminology. I don’t, and I wasn’t able to find anything by Googling “loop ring” except handmade jewelry.

Fwiw, I tried making your object (using far fewer segments) using Curviloft as a single object, and the intersections look reasonably good, although I don’t know exactly what you’re after.

Tig’s extrusion tools will probably give you a better result than Soapskin.
Here I have simply used the arc tool from point to point on you model then used EEbyR to make the shapes.
As you can see it works with QFT and you can select Loops and Rings to your hearts content.
You can use more segments in your arcs if you wish, but make sure to have an equal number throughout to help maintain your quads.

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