Extruding complex curves

I’m planning a surprise for my kid while she is on exercises with Air Force. Some years ago I created a 2d model for her Stargate fandom, then when she got into Sketchup she produced a reasonable job of it. The thing is she was never happy with it and I suggested I could tidy it up closer to my original design.

As you can see from the model I’m creating, I need to build a continuous extrusion for the nose, blending with the fuselage profile. Now I do have the ‘extrusion’ extension from Sig, I’ve been unsuccessful in getting this to work.

Fredo’s “Curviloft” plugin is just the ticket for what your wanting to do. The only thing you would need to add is a horizontal profile. Attaching a quick example. Not an exact copy , but close enough for you to get the idea I think.


Thanks for that Tuna. I’ll give a go and let you know how I went.

Good reply, Tuna.