Help please to create unusual shape

Hi. Newbie here and I am struggling to wrap my head around how to create the model as in the 4 photos. 5 photo to put it in context. Any simply described help would be really appreciated. Thanks

The Follow Me tool will lathe the basic form.

The Scale tool will stretch or squash the form.

The Intersect tool will create lines at the appropriate places, enabling you to erase what you don’t need.

Learn to turn on Hidden Geometry as needed when modeling curvy stuff.
Click … View > Hidden Geometry

I think you can get pretty close to the shape you’re looking for by following one of the tutorials on making a hemisphere. Using the scale tool, you can then squash the top down and squash in the sides to make an ellipsoid of some sort. Extend the face on the bottom of the shape and you should have something suitable:

When you get to intersecting it with the cockpit walls, you can then trim things accordingly:

Model in SketchUp 8 format: nose.skp (144.2 KB)

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Hi there. Thanks for the fast response. I can see how you are doing it. It looks like you attached an example .skp file but when I click to download it gives a ‘no page’ error message. Idf I try ‘save as’ it doesn’t like that either!

I really appreciate the time you spent on this. Thanks

Thanks Geo. I shall watch and learn.

There appears to be an issue with attached files returning a not found error on the forum. The administrators have been informed…


Thanks I though it was me!!! I