Could anybody please help me to create this bubble type face inside the the mesh

i have this mesh file. But I need to make bubble type face inside this mesh like below link .is there any plugin to make this possible.

link for ref; PINECONE MEDIUM

If you need it to exactly connect the edges of the “cage” you could use Curviloft. If you just need the rough shape of a “bulb” inside the cage you could do it with native tools pretty easy… I would probably just draw a sphere and use the scale tool to deform the hidden edges.

With Soap Skin & Bubble

Thanks Aaron for your quick reply. I want to make exact like below image.and i dont have wire mesh it is tubular geometry.image

Thanks mihai.s i dont have wire mesh,is it possibe to do same with tubular geometry.

You’re welcome!

Those tubular elements are made of edges and faces. Just select a loop edges and delete the rest

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Thanks once again. You really helped me.

You’re welcome!

And this is if you want (recommended) to create the path in the middle of the tube

super helpful. appreciate your time for my issue mihai.s.