[Q] Material Maintenance plugin - selecting various components but not the entire model


Seems that the plugin is not further developed past the 2.2 version, but suppose it is highly used and thus would appreciate to be helped with selecting components but not the entire model. Maybe I just have a misconception but I would expect with this setting to change colours only in selected components however that does not work as a change will affect any/all components in the model - which is not warranted. Is my understanding/expectation wrong or the plugin not working this way anymore, maybe it did till its last revision in 2012?


I cannot speak to an update or new version. I may be mistaken, but to me it seems that if you hit “default” or “select from a list” it would then only apply to what you want?

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That is what I would expect as well, but unfortunately it does affect faces/material in all model components, even those not selected. Which would appear to bug in the functionality of the plugin. And a rather time consuming workflow as a result when working with loads with nested components.

I really like this plugin (except for the bug now) but it seems it is not further developed and the bug may thus not be ironed out. Anyone aware of an alternative as good as this?


It is quite clear that the author applies the material changes to Component Definitions instead of Component Instances.

Thomas Thomassen has a couple of nice Material manipulation plugins on the Trimble Extension Warehouse:

Apply A Color Pallet, Replacing Existing Materials

Also many other material plugins in the warehouse:



Must have missed it and I am not that well versed with components to being familiar with definitions vs. instances…

Does unfortunately not offer the sort of functionality as Material Maintenance does, neither any of the tools listed there


Well then you might post in the plugin thread asking if the author could update the plugin with a messagebox that asks whether to apply change to definitions or specific instances within the selection.


will do and see whether such wish can happen